Miyabi obviously admitted their love over the woman sister’s objections

Lunatic Labyrinth ended, the new brothers was out currently and also the siblings was in fact dropping Consuming Icicle into group from the heavens

They generated him bear in mind their darkest recollections, to be abandoned because of the their mother in the orphanage. A voice began questioning your with his reason to battle. He was reminded out of their unfortunate and you can alone lifetime as a beneficial child, but then recalled the newest sounds out of his relatives and buddies and you can clicked away from you to definitely ebony believe and freed themselves on the enchantment. Mio is looking to protect her or him but their secret was not really active. Kazuki woke up and cast Violent storm Fort to get rid of new possibility. Miyabi was amazed of the how fast he’d woken right up. She advised your the sword you to appeared in their give was his prize to have overcoming his stress. The fresh new sisters shed the Union Secret but Kazuki cleaved this new incoming attack in two using this blade. The audience cheered and you may Miyabi was surprised and you can amazed. She arrived and instantaneously surrendered more her sister’s objections; they had absolutely no way so you can profit any further.

The lady sis as well as the twin brothers concern as to why she surrendered for example one to but she did not bring people obvious responses. But Kazuki got seen using the girl real aim. She accepted she was review your along with his worthiness while the a chief. Miyabi sauter par-dessus ici abruptly kissed Kazuki towards the cheek, incredible everyone else, above all else this lady aunt. It was revealed that this lady cousin would not admit the girl once the an Elf. The lady attention would not take on fact and you may she wouldn’t spend time with individuals but Miyabi. However, this particular fact including conserved Miyabi throughout the loneliness almost every other Elves knowledgeable. She suggested you to definitely Kazuki is get over them both. Leme implicated Gremory off dripping information on their strength. This had been several other try of their worthiness he previously introduced, and you can Leme has also been content together with efficiency. Affirmed the quintessential hazardous cluster obtained the second matches and changed to the finals.

As expected the quintessential hazardous group claimed the next meets and you may evolved to the finals. Kazuki was named into the Headmaster’s office; the results of your studies was indeed inside the. The new Knight Buy discovered that some of the tournament’s users had come brainwashed and had started left without memories of their strategies. In addition it seemed this brainwashing has also been as to the reasons they had all of the entered the newest event before everything else. Its conclusion got unusual sufficient to attract the attention out of people they know. It appears such girls was one particular who had been assaulted by that mysterious profile for the past days and you can were brainwashed whenever you are lower than Wonders Intoxication. They’d also examined the back ground out-of Karin and you will Hayashi, which hadn’t started detained since Kazuki’s word alone wasn’t sufficient proof. Karin’s father is actually a police officer slain on collection of obligations by Illegal Magicians in the destruction of Tokyo. She was followed from the Hayashi friends immediately following are a keen orphan. The brand new Germans had advised Kazuki Hayashi is actually a well known broker, therefore their term is most likely bogus. The last match could well be its history possible opportunity to assassinate Kazuki. They may wind up heading overboard and bringing in their correct colors.

But the actual competition is resistant to the group he’d face on finals

When Kazuki had household every citizens of the home was in fact putting on maid attire, that have prepared a party so you can commemorate your getting into this new finals. They insisted toward doing all of the housework before the finals. Leme noted he got in the end conquered all of the girls in the house. Hikaru and you may Lotte recommended him when deciding to take payback to them in the the final match because they seated down seriously to consume. Leme was pleased to keep in mind that Kazuki had followed an approach nearly the same as compared to King Solomon themselves.